Bobby Portis Fan Q&A


Bobby Portis recently sat down with Bulls On Parade’s Josh Vinson for a locker room chat, to answer the first round of YOUR twitter questions we had you pose to the Bulls rookie sensation.

After receiving several submissions, we carefully selected a handful of the best questions to throw at Bobby, starting with this awesome one from @enjoiSirEdwin



So yes, B.Portis, is a fan of the Nintendo 64 classic first-person shooter, GoldenEye 007. If you weren’t a Bobby Portis fan prior to finding that out, you damn well now should be. Anyone who played GoldenEye almost every day is someone you want on your team. Not just your basketball team, your life team!

What else did we learn from this Q&A? Well, those of you who follow Portis on twitter will already be aware that he is a fan of Future’s music (he attended his concert in Chicago earlier this year and has cited his lyrics in his tweets in the past).  In fact, if you pay close attention to Portis’ tweets, you’ll occasionally find other Rap gems in his tweets, such as this pearl of Kevin Gates wisdom.


We all know Bobby is a man of action. Look no further than his highlights for proof of that.

So in summary, Portis loved the #FreeBobbyPortis movement, loves his role on the Bulls, has learned stuff from Coach Fred, relates to Kevin Gates, has a basketball camp planned when he returns home to Arkansas AND was a big fan of GoldenEye.

This leaves me with just one burning question. Did Agent 005 prefer the Golden Gun or was he more of a proximity mine kind of guy?

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