Chicago on the spot.

This is the second entry in an ongoing interview series that will be appearing sporadically on the site. I’ll be interviewing the people of Chicago, gaining an insight into their daily lives, their Chicago roots and things they love about the Windy City.

Who are you? I am Tom Barcik.
Occupation? Student.
Where do you reside in the Chi? Originally Jefferson Park, moved out to the NW suburbs, currently Champaign.
Favorite Chicago landmark? It’s too hard to choose a favorite landmark, but every time I have guests I take them to Millennium Park so it might have to be that. It’s a must see. Not only is it a very nice park with some landmarks in it, but it has a great central location. You can walk on Michigan Avenue, walk to the Sears Tower, etc.
Favorite eatery? Staying away from the expensive, cliche answers like Harry Caray’s, I’ll say Portillo’s. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Honorable mention to Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s for deep dish.
Favorite Chicago based sporting team? Everyone besides the Sox. One team? Probably Bulls because I grew up a Bulls fan and discovered other sports later on.
What do you consider the greatest moment in Chicago sports history? Whenever the Cubs win their next World Series. Until then it’s a toss up between the Jordan three-peats and the 85 Bears.
Who is your favorite athlete of all time from one of the city’s franchises? There is a correct answer to this question, and that is either MJ or Sweetness.
Aspect of Chicago you’re most proud of? Chicago is a friendly place, unlike most urban areas.
What’s the best kept secret in Chicago? I can’t tell you for it would no longer be a secret. (I really couldn’t think of one.)
Your goal in life? Be happy.
Tom at Soldier Field.

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