When you hear mention of the name Antoine Walker, your mind is probably inclined to conjure thoughts of basketball and his inability to control his $110 million dollar fortune, which ultimately lead to him filing for bankruptcy.

An upcoming documentary chronicles the life and times of the basketball star. From his humble beginnings at Mount Carmel High School where he went on to become an All-State star and McDonald’s All-American, to his rise through the collegiate ranks at Kentucky and on to NBA stardom, where his huge windfall of a contract would eventually lead to his financial downfall. What’s interesting to note, is that despite his well publicised issues with gambling being a drain on his riches, more than 70 family and friends benefited financially from his over generosity.

The film comes full circle with the now 37 year old Chicago native having made it his mission to educate others on financial literacy, his own story serving as a warning to other athletes who may find themselves becoming instant millionaires and falling victim to those looking for hand outs.

The upcoming film is set for release in 2015. For more information on Antoine, his film, book and other projects, check out his official website.


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