Court Vision: Perfect Silhouette Commercial with Dennis Rodman


Dennis Rodman’s penchant for wearing women’s under garments is well documented. Couple his name with the word lingerie, punch it into Google and you will be presented with pages and pages of links to support my claim.

For the man who was once commissioner of the Lingerie Football League, and in 2011 wore a hot pink little Victoria’s Secret number to his 50th Birthday, it honestly comes as no surprise. Rodman’s wardrobe (and undergarment) choices have long been quite colourful, ever since famously having spent time “in bed with Madonna” when they dated in the 90’s (check this rare Paparazzi footage of the couple).

Moving forward to the year 2000. Somewhere in the belly of the Victoria’s Secret head offices, a boardroom full of marketing gurus and execs were most likely bouncing ideas of one another for their next advertising campaign when one of them had an epiphany, “I know guys, let’s put a topless Dennis Rodman in a commercial with one of our Angels”.

Enter Helena Christensen.

The Danish fashion model had previously appeared in runway shows for the company and had also achieved fame for appearing in Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game music video. The glamorous Christensen making for an obvious choice to be paired with the flamboyant Rodman.

I hope whoever came up with the concept received a raise, because the flirty on camera chemistry between the two is more than apparent. Actually, as the video description suggests, the ad was considered “too racy” for earlier time slots and as a result went to air on cable during after hours.

Whether or not it translated to sales, who knows? At the very least, the raunchy commercial makes for an enjoyable 31 seconds of viewing.




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