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Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats‘ – if you’re familiar with Derrick Rose’s back story, you’ll be well aware that those two words mean a lot to the New York Knicks point guard and his inner circle of friends. For he and seven of his close friends those two words act as their life motto, the meaning so strongly felt, that each of them had the phrase tattooed on themselves. Rose even went as far as having adidas incorporate the two words as a feature on his Rose 5 kicks a couple of years back. Rose can trace those friendships as far back to the third grade, guys he’s hung around with for years, to say they have a bond and shared loyalty would be a gross understatement. Simply put, we’re talking friends for life.

One of those friends goes by the name of Demarco Sams. If you’re heavy on the gram, you may have come across his account 1_marco_1. This is where he showcases his fashion label that bares the same name as those two words that are so near to he and his friend’s hearts – Everybody Eats. The brand offers high quality stylish garments for all walks of life. The tees come in a variety of different colors (Knicks fans he’s got you covered) and varied designs (this Cubs one needs a release STAT!)

Both Rose and son PJ have been sporting the EE gear for sometime now, and several other world class athletes have gravitated towards the designs (most notably Joakim Noah who rocked one the day he signed with the Knicks).


Everybody Eats

Happy Knickerbocker – Joakim Noah reppin Everybody Eats.


Marco’s aim for Everybody Eats is that they strive to make sure that everyone buying the garments can be as stylish and ‘fly’ as the prominent figures that they see from afar everyday.  I reached out to the 28 year old creator of the brand to talk shop, this is what he had to say.

Could you please tell the readers a bit about yourself?

I’m Demarco Sams, 28 years of age from the south side of Chicago. I’ve always been into fashion (shoes & clothes) and think I can dress a tad bit lol.

Who inspires you?

DS: I have a few people that inspire me, all my brothers and just anyone grinding to better themselves on a daily basis.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

DS: Everybody Eats is a term we live by. We felt that it was such a urban phrase that everyone felt like they could relate to in some way and could possibly create more opportunity not just for us, but others in general while reassuring that we all are equal.

From your instagram account it’s apparent that t-shirts are the staple item of the line. Do you have plans to expand on the range?

DS: Yes, I plan on expanding the range of items as the season changes, including hats, hoodies, & joggers.

Some people will be familiar with the ‘Everybody Eats’ slogan due to its connection to D.Rose. For those that aren’t, can you please talk a little about why you chose it and your connection to Derrick?

DS: Everybody Eats was created for a group of friends/brothers including myself to symbolise everyone as being equal. NO big i’s & little u’s. Derrick is one of my closest friends, more so like a brother.

When did the line drop and where can people buy it?

DS: The line was released August 15, 2016 & its available now at eebrand.net.

When people see or hear of the brand, what would you like them to associate with the name?

DS:  Peace love and loyalty and that anything is possible as long as you work hard.


Follow the goings on of the brand via Marco’s instagram and head on over to the site to cop one of the fire tees.

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