Released From the Vault: Rare Footage of Michael Jordan’s First Game

Every now and then, no matter the topic, something eye popping or mind boggling will appear on youtube out of nowhere and capture the attention of the internet. It could be something trivial, it could be something astonishing or it could be a child with an affinity for reptiles.

I can’t offer you turtles, but how about an air dwelling mammal?

Brought to my attention earlier today by my good friend Adam Ryan aka host of the best Michael Jordan dedicated podcast you’ll come across, this 10 minute and 37 second clip brings you footage that has practically been lost in time.


As Adam puts it on his site, it’s “Historically-important” footage.  Did you know the Bulls took the court to the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Neither did I, so file that in the useless trivia compartment of your brain. Now granted the actual footage is only the pre-game show and player introductions, which is still very cool in itself, but what is more captivating is the publisher’s notes under the video…

‘Published on 5 Jun 2014

This is the pregame intro from MJ’s very first NBA game vs Washington. I have uploaded this to prove I have a full copy of the game, no other person has a full version of this game. http://bradssportgames.weebly,com




Unless you were there in person to witness Mike lace them up for the Bulls for the first time, you have a copy on VHS that hasn’t been tainted by the effects of time (which would be a miracle in itself) or you possess the keys to Doc Brown’s Delorian, then right about now you should be feeling pretty darn excited at the prospect of what may soon hit YouTube.

Now it’s up to youtube user Braddy D to come to the table and deliver on his claim. Meanwhile, we Jordan fans can do nothing but twiddle our thumbs and play the waiting game… or re-watch the grainy video again to marvel at Corzine’s beard and ponder which of those Bulls had full fledged cocaine habits by that point in time.


Thanks to Inallairness.com for the heads up and keep checking back at Bullsonparade.me for further developments.



  1. Im fortunate enough to have a copy of the previous “most complete” copy of MJs first game in my possession and its only from the 3rd quarter onward. This is a very exciting and important development for all MJ fans.

  2. A good friend and business associate of mine, Tom (Tomcat) Sewell played in this game for the Bulletts, but he only played in the 1st half! Shame the first half is nowhere to be found!

    • Simon only the pre-game and starting lineups. The full game is yet to surface.

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