SNL’s Bob Swerski’s Super Fans: Michael Jordan

At the risk of this turning into a fully fledged blog dedicated to Michel Jordan (not necessarily a bad thing), here is yet another post dedicated to the G.O.A.T.

By the way, MJ’s standing in NBA history is not up for debate. We leave that nonsense to the uneducated.

Moving along, so with Michael’s fame, charm and natural charisma came plenty of television appearance opportunities. Today we’re taking a look at his time spent on the Saturday Night Live set. This episode originally went to air on the 28/09/1991, and followed on from the Bulls first championship earlier that year.

Bob Swerski’s Super Fans had become a popular segment on the show, with a revolving cast of comedy legends parodying the sports infatuated fans that inhabit the Windy City. This segment starring George Wendt as Bob Swerski, Mike Myers as Pat Arnold, Chris Farley as Todd O’Connor and Robert Smigel as Carl Wollarski, has some golden moments when the Bulls superstar makes his appearance.

Enough out of me, just click the video and enjoy the show.


Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls, Da Bulls….

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