Artwork by Chris Edser and art direction by Daniel Whiteneck

Michael Jordan’s Flu Game and Last Shot Wallpaper Art

Michael Jordan captivated us time and again with his basketball prowess, gravity-defying moves, and last second heroics. Many such moments are stamped in the minds of basketball fans worldwide. Melbourne based illustrator Chris Edser is an artist first and foremost, who also happens to be one such fan.

Edser (originally from Adelaide, South Australia) was commissioned by Nike/Jordan Brand to create two pieces of wallpaper art highlighting two of Michael Jordan’s legendary on-court moments.

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Poison – tells the story of the epic ‘Flu Game‘ that unfolded in dramatic fashion in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. The second piece entitled ‘The Last Shot‘ celebrates Jordan’s game-winning shot in the waning seconds in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. A shot that clinched the Bulls their sixth title, had people partying in the streets of Chicago and crying in disbelief in Utah. Again.

With each piece, Edser (and art director Daniel Whiteneck) illustratively breakdown what transpired precisely during each sequence. The use of time stamps and statistics to enhance the illustrations and tell each story is executed to perfection. The attention to detail is on point (check the XII’s and XIII’s on MJ’s feet) and the artists have captured the essence of drama within each amazing moment.

Check out the work below. If you’re ever in Hong Kong, you can go see Edser’s work for yourself at the new Air Jordan store that opened in December of last year.

The Last Shot
The Last Shot

Over seventeen hours ago this image of Michael Jordan playing a game of pick up surfaced on the internet.

I randomly came across it in a sneaker group I’m a member of on Facebook (Thanks for sharing Fredison Vu Tang Nuykhen whoever you are).

Having never seen the photo prior, I was instantly drawn to the scene that was depicted. A young MJ hooping it up in his Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’‘s (with the outfit to match none the less) against a couple of shirtless white guys on the deck of a mysterious ocean vessel. I immediately tweeted the image out and it spread like retweet wildfire. Questions of the legitimacy of the image arose, others were simply left awestruck and amused.

Further investigation was required. Immediately I Googled the words “Jordan cruise ship” and clicked the images option. The same photo appeared two shots in on the second row. Easy enough. After clicking the image I was then presented with this thread on Reddit.

Aptly titled “Michael Jordan vs. my friend’s dad on a celebrity cruise ship in the 80’s”.

Not much to go on really, so after emailing Jay Hairston* the user who posted it, a further scan of the thread was required. Sifting through the comments for any further morsels of information or hints to the origin of the photo, it appeared that others doubted it was Jordan pictured.

In my mind it was never in question, it was most definitely Michael. I’d seen him wearing that exact outfit prior in this image. The outfit aside, the stance and expression on his face was trademark Michael Jordan focus and intensity. It seemed I wasn’t alone with my train of thought, as another Reddit user shot down the claims of falsity by actually posting the same image I just shared with you above. Another keenly-eyed user pointing out the size of Michael’s hands as proof of his identity “When you are trying to determine whether or not someone is Michael Jordan… LOOK AT THE HANDS. He has f***ing baseball mitts for hands”. (Quoted for truth).

Now as for the location of the ship and it’s country of origin, a sign can be seen in the background of the photo that reads “Norway Sports Program”. Which begs the question, why would Michael be on a ship in/or from Norway? I kept reading and then noticed that this intriguing solitary link had been posted amongst the comments of the thread… Norwegian Cruise Line advertising playing with stars like Michael Jordan.

michael jordan


Within the pages of the October 1989 issue of Islands Magazine lied answers.

Still, after my findings, I was left with more questions.

How much did it cost for this privilege to sail with the stars?

Did Michael hone his golf game at the driving platform whilst on board?

When the photo was taken, was Byron Scott at the ship’s bar or somewhere battling seasickness?

Was NCL even still in business? And if so, were they still teaming up with pro athletes and offering this as a service to their guests?

Getting my Google on once again, I found that the Norwegian Cruise Line was indeed still sailing the seas. I next attempted to find a Sports Afloat brochure which could hopefully shed further light on the Super Sports Cruises they offered, alas I was unsuccessful. However, I found…


and then…


Obviously, by 1992 Michael had shot to superstardom and was too busy basking in championship glory to venture out into the ocean again. As for Byron Scott, he well and truly must have found his sea legs by that stage. As you can also see, the second site hasn’t been updated in some time. From what I can gather, the athlete appearances ceased to occur around the year 2000. Sorry, Iceman.

Michael Jordan

Shame really, because who wouldn’t want to “attend sports clinics, play in tournaments and join trivia and autograph sessions” with star athletes whilst cruising the Caribbean? Heck I know I’d seize the opportunity to “shoot hoops with Hall of Famers” and take advantage of the “time to rap with the athletes” whilst under the sun, beer in hand. I’m sure there would even be some killer card games springing up and imagine the trash talk.

I demand that the NCL bring this back, if not for the fans but for the myriad of former pro athletes I know of who could sure use the money.

When you see or hear the name Bill Wennington, what first springs to mind? Is it him as a member of the championship-winning Bulls dynasty of the ’90s? Maybe you’re more familiar with Wennington as one half of the broadcasting team that you hear gracing the airwaves on the Bulls Radio Network?

Did you know, the man who once combined with Michael Jordan to drop 57 points on the Knicks, was also a spokesman for McDonald’s? Don’t believe me just watch…

Hawking double cheeseburgers are one thing, getting your own burger named after you is when you know you’ve hit the big time. And that’s exactly what happened for the Canadian born big man when McDonald’s introduced this…

I have a dream, and that dream is that McDonald’s bring back the Beef Wennington AND that they get Bill and MJ to face off against Ronald and Grimace in a game of H-O-R-S-E in the accompanying TV commercial.

Make it happen Micky D’s. You can make the sandwich, you can make the sandwich

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