The Best Skateboarding Shoes

What Are The Best Skateboarding Shoes?

Having a good pair of skateboarding shoes is as important as having a good skateboard. You’ll need to have good skate shoes to protect your feet from the pressures and impacts. Hence, we believe that all skateboarders should know a thing or two about choosing the right shoes for themselves.

Our post covers all the essential information about skateboarding shoes so that all of you can decide which shoes are the best for you.

Shoe types

Shoe types
Shoe types


These shoes are preferred by most skateboarder due to their flexibility. With a lower cut than other shoes, low-top shoes also tend to weight lighter, giving the users better comfort. However, because of the low-top design, the shoes don’t provide any ankle support.


Conversely, high-top skate shoes are designed with multiple ankle pads to protect them from intensive skating activities. It is why most skateboarders recommended wearing these shoes as a reliable protection for your feet.


And, if you can’t decide between the two, then shoes with mid-top construction might be a suitable choice. They come with lower cut compared to high-top shoes that usually fall directly at the ankles. This provides protection to the joints while remaining relatively comfortable.

Sole types

Sole types
Sole types


Most insoles are removable so that users can switch freely between different types. With foam or gel construction, they provide additional cushions to your feet. Moreover, different insoles deliver certain levels of curvature that fit on different types of feet and skating styles.


This is one of the most important parts of any footwear, especially sports shoes. The outer layer delivers grip, flexibility, as well as stability for the users to freely move on it. And to ensure a certain amount of responsiveness, your skateboarding shoes should have built-in air pockets inside the outsole.


As you could have guessed, this is the middle layer that lies between the insole and outsole. It usually consists of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) or similar substances to provide a cushion to the sole area.

Vulcanized soles

They usually come with foxing tape cover at the front part your feet. With a thinner and lighter sole design, shoes that come with vulcanizing soles are usually lighter as well as providing better board control.

The rubber parts are only glued to each other so break-in is not required. You can put your feet inside the shoes and start skating at any time. However, this design also reduces the durability of the shoes due to a weaker connection between the parts.

Cup soles

The soles come with more foxing tape finish and are usually made from thicker and stronger rubbers. Moreover, the rubber parts are also sewn into each other after being glued. This allowing for more durability and better impact absorption.

However, the bulky design also reduces their flexibility as well as increase the number of weights you have to carry.




It is the most common material up until today. This is largely due to their exceptional durability as well as the amount of comfort they provide. Hence, suede and full grain leather have always been the number one material for intensive activities like street skating. However, the use of natural leather usually means that the manufacturer will have to push up their prices.


Canvas, though not as popular as leather, is still a good material for making skate shoes. Due to their light and thin natures, textiles shoes come with relatively lightweight as well as providing good breathability. However, they’re usually not very durable for the same reason. As a result, canvas shoes are more suitable for casual skating and cruising.

Synthetic materials

Other polymeric materials or synthetic textiles are becoming more and more popular for, not just skate shoes, but other footwear products as well. Our highly-advanced technology is capable of creating impressive materials for making shoes. So if you’re against animal cruelty and don’t like natural leather products, then vegan shoes could be a reasonable choice.

Important features



Since you’ll be wearing the shoes while performing extreme sports activities on it, breathability should be an important factor to consider. Believe me, you don’t want to have those sweaty feet. Not to mention the horrible odors that can seriously damage your self-esteem. Apart from that, by keeping your feet ventilated, you can reduce the stress due to intensive skating.

To compensate that, your shoes should have breathing holes as well as a breathable upper mesh to enhance the air flow.


Most shoes have paddings at the joints and ankle areas to reduce friction and stress that cause by constant movement. They help to maintain a comfortable experience and protect your feet from injuries.


Many shoes come with seams design. This provides a better fit for the foot, but also make the shoes less durable. Hence, your shoes will not immune to wear and tear.

Seamless shoes, on the other hand, require you to select carefully to ensure a good fit and are also more difficult to break in. However, they’re usually more durable thanks to the seamless design.


Having too many reinforcements on your shoes isn’t always a good thing. With each component added, they will weight a little more. You don’t want your shoes to become concrete blocks, right? Hence, make sure you find a good balance between these two factors.

A couple of useful notes

Here are a few things that should be noted down before choosing your skateboarding shoes:

  • Your shoes should have a perfect fit with no pain or discomfort, even after being worn for an extended time.
  • Any sign of unusual blood circulation is always forbidden. This can cause discomfort and even unwanted foot conditions.
  • Remember, you don’t need to have heal lift on skate shoes. It makes your shoes less reliable and reduces grip power.
  • Try offline, purchase online. Go to your local stores and try the shoes on, after that, you can decide whether you should purchase online or offline.
  • Most shoes will eventually break in after a certain amount of time, so you need to consider the size before choosing your shoes. However, shoes that come with a perfect fit is still recommended. After all, you can still wear socks if your shoes become too loose.

And that’s our guides on choosing the best skating shoes. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.

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