Pau Gasol’s Primal Scream

Away from the court, Bulls center Pau Gasol is known to be quite the renaissance man. The devoted philanthropist appreciates art, is passionate about the field of medicine and has a penchant for the opera. The Spanish born star is also multilingual (he taught himself to speak Italian and French), is an avid reader and has a keen interest in music (whether it be Pop Rock ballads or Sing Star Karaoke he’s got it covered).

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When he’s on the court all that goes out the window, the mild-mannered Pau disappears and the double-double corralling (he just collected his twelfth straight dub-dub and league-leading 33rd of the season) beast emerges. Activity such as that isn’t done quietly and this minute long video you’ll soon watch hammers that point home.


Compiled over an eight-game span by the Twitter user and die-hard Bulls fan Dylan Connolly, his video below shows just how frequently Pau let’s loose a guttural sound, loud grunt or primal scream. You may not have noticed it much, but whether he’s going for a putback, sweeping hook and even lay up (yes, even on layups), the 7 foot Spaniard’s vocal efforts would put most tennis players to shame.


Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

D Rose 5 Boost ‘The Lake’ Unboxed

The Rose 5 has been on shelves for a little while now, and although enticing, I decided to patiently wait for this release to hit stores before I made my purchase. A couple of weeks ago it did just that and I got myself to Footlocker on release day as quickly as I could to make sure I locked down one of the only 180 pairs that made their way into Australian stores. The limited ‘The Lake’ edition was a Europe/Asia exclusive, so when I found out to my surprise that they were hitting Australian shores, there was no way I was missing out. The Lake Michigan inspired kicks were also rumored to be dropping in Chicago, which makes total sense considering they are inspired by prominent Chicago landmark. From all reports they haven’t, which is quite puzzling and I know this has disappointed fans of the shoe that reside in the States. So with that said, the least I could do is film myself taking the kicks out of their cardboard home for the very first time and share it with my fellow sneaker enthusiasts and friends in Chi-town. I hope you enjoy the video and if you need a pair, I still might be able to help you out, as I know there are limited numbers still sitting on shelves here in Australia. If I were you though, I’d act quick. You know where to find me.

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The True Story Behind the Banned Air Jordan

Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

What if I told you that Michael Jordan’s infamous Black/Red Air Jordan 1 WASN’T the actual sneaker that the NBA banned thirty years ago to this day?


Dennis Podman – Ep. 22: The Draft & Free Agency with K.C. Johnson

This week on Dennis Podman hosts Mark and Morten had the pleasure of being joined by K.C. Johnson, Chicago Bulls Beat Reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

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Discussing the 2016 NBA Draft and free agency period, K.C. offers his insight on arguably the most important offseason the Bulls have faced in quite some time.

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Batten down the hatches people…

Are you ready for Australia?

In a whirlwind tour presented by Slater and Swann Productions, NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman, renowned as one of the sports’ most colorful and controversial athletes of all-time, is heading down under for a rare insight into his highly publicized life on and off the hardwood. From his five NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons playing alongside Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas to his celebrity relationships with Madonna, his brief marriage to Carmen Electra, and everything Hollywood in-between, Dennis has never had a problem drawing a headline.

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Ron Harper: Golden State Warriors Would Be Swept By 90’s Bulls

Ron Harper knows a thing or two about NBA championships. Having played in and won five NBA titles with two teams.  One of those teams was the 1995-96 record-setting ‘72-10′ Chicago Bulls, the same team, the 2014-15 NBA champion Golden State Warriors are already being measured up against. Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson believes he and his teammates have a chance to hit the 70 marks this season. Seventy won’t cut it though if they want to really cement their place in the record books.

The 9-0 Warriors are certainly well on their way. Later today they play the young Timberwolves, so we can safely assume they will be off to a 10-0 start by day’s end.



Over the duration of the Chicago Bulls first 10 games of the 1995-96 season, the team went 9-1. Of the 10 teams they faced, only four would finish the season .500 or above and one win came at the expense of the expansion, Toronto Raptors. So far this season, the Golden State Warriors have been faced with five road games (that Bulls team had 4) and five of their wins have come against teams .500 or above.

When talk of the defending champs possibly toppling the Bulls almost twenty-year-old record arose on twitter earlier this week, Harper, the owner of five pieces of championship hardware, had this to say…

Chicago Bulls


An Important Message

When the Bulls finally won their first Championship, the city of Chicago was long overdue for a good time. With each Bulls Championship that followed, the Grant Park festivities grew bigger, the Chicago streets became rowdier and the euphoria heightened.

Living in Australia I could only view the team’s achievements from afar, and as for the celebrations at Grant Park, well my only exposure to those at the time were photos in magazines, rare snippets on local sporting highlights shows and occasionally in the NBA home videos such as this one. I was never fully aware of what was taking place in the City of Win. What I know now, I am still yet to experience first hand, but from all reports it makes New Year’s Eve look tame.

Sports News

So for the sake of this piece and for your edutainment, I reached out to some friends of mine ( all Chi-Town born and raised) to share their stories from those glory years with us via email.


D.Rose Adds Martin Luther King Ink and Takes Selfie with Artist Shred.

Like a majority of NBA players, Derrick Rose has quite the collection of tattoos. His collection includes the Chicago skyline and basketball on his hand, God’s Child written across his shoulders and of course the Poohdini wizard on his upper arm, among others.

Yesterday he returned to Shred’s Inferno, the Westlawn tattoo studio where he’s had the majority of his artwork done.  This is also the same studio that is owned and operated by my good friend Dave ‘Shred’ Kunesh who has also inked me on my previous trips to Chicago.

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As you’ll see below Shred added a portrait of Martin Luther King to Derrick’s collection, which is an accompanying piece to the previous Malcolm X work (see below) Derrick had done some time ago.

Both are brilliantly accurate portraits that perfectly capture the characteristics and physical attributes of the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and the Muslim minister.

After the session was over Shred captured the moment on film and took to Facebook earlier day to share.

Great stuff guys.


Jennifer Hynds: Chicago Bulls Art

If you’re a die-hard Bulls fan, it’s quite possible you spend a fair amount of time on social media, there is also a fairly good chance you’ve seen this awesome painting of Joakim Noah pop up on your news feed or in someone’s profile pic or avatar.

Read on to hear about the artist behind it and the other quality Bulls-inspired art that she has to offer.

Chicago Bulls

Jennifer Hynds hails from Mundelein, Illinois but now resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just over an hour drive from Chicago). Earning a volleyball scholarship to the University of Illinois, Jennifer also chose to study art in the two years she spent at the college. Unfortunately, injuries cut her sporting career short, after leaving university she focused more on her art and her family.

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Michael Jordan’s Flu Game and Last Shot Wallpaper Art

Michael Jordan captivated us time and again with his basketball prowess, gravity-defying moves, and last second heroics. Many such moments are stamped in the minds of basketball fans worldwide. Melbourne based illustrator Chris Edser is an artist first and foremost, who also happens to be one such fan.

Edser (originally from Adelaide, South Australia) was commissioned by Nike/Jordan Brand to create two pieces of wallpaper art highlighting two of Michael Jordan’s legendary on-court moments.

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Poison – tells the story of the epic ‘Flu Game‘ that unfolded in dramatic fashion in game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. The second piece entitled ‘The Last Shot‘ celebrates Jordan’s game-winning shot in the waning seconds in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. A shot that clinched the Bulls their sixth title, had people partying in the streets of Chicago and crying in disbelief in Utah. Again.

With each piece, Edser (and art director Daniel Whiteneck) illustratively breakdown what transpired precisely during each sequence. The use of time stamps and statistics to enhance the illustrations and tell each story is executed to perfection. The attention to detail is on point (check the XII’s and XIII’s on MJ’s feet) and the artists have captured the essence of drama within each amazing moment.

Check out the work below. If you’re ever in Hong Kong, you can go see Edser’s work for yourself at the new Air Jordan store that opened in December of last year.

The Last Shot
The Last Shot


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