Adidas Rose 5 “Woven Blues”



Yet another edition of the Rose 5 has just gone on sale minutes ago. The ”Woven Blues” arrive in a navy blue, white and a dark orange colorway which just so happens to be the same colorway that comprises the uniform for Rose’s home town Chicago Bears.

In actual fact it’s not the city’s beloved football team that inspired the shoe, the designers were singing a different tune when they conjured these up.

The early 20th century saw African-American workers move north to seek work and they brought with them the classic blues music style. As they settled in Chicago, many honed their musical craft, which evolved into Chicago style or urban blues and became one of the biggest influences on modern music. The “Woven Blues” D Rose 5 colorway is inspired by that movement and features a unique basket weave styled upper in a deep navy blue. It’s accented by a bright orange lining and white D Rose logo on the back of the shoe.” – via adidas

A fantastic theme that simultaneously reflects the hard working mentality of the city and it’s rich musical history.

As for the look of the shoe, the sneaker’s blue-based upper is crisp, but I’m really digging the woven element the most. I am curious to know what is pictured on the inside of the tongue though, it is usually something appropriate to fit the theme of the shoe.

These truly are a bonus if you’re a Bears fan, a must cop in fact, especially considering how scarce the Bears edition of the Rose 3 is and the hefty price tag they now carry on the secondary market.



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