Bulls on Parade was borne out of my love affair with the ‘City of Broad Shoulders’ and the world’s most recognizable sporting franchise, the Chicago Bulls.

In 25 plus years of fandom, I’ve connected with a wide variety of other Bulls fans. Initially via the Johnny Red Kerr facebook fan page (which I created in Red’s honor) and subsequently via my twitter account. A couple of years back I branched out into the blogosphere in an attempt to connect with more like-minded individuals who share my love for the Bulls and the city they call home.

The objective of this site is to highlight not only the Bulls but all that Chicago has to offer. From the historic and vibrant music to the city’s fashion scene, it’s artistic merits and the endeavors of it’s other sporting franchises past and present. Shining a light on ‘Gotham’, the citizens who populate it and their stories. In turn, I’ll share with you my tales and experiences from my past trips and future visits. As an aspiring writer, you can also easily find my published articles and interviews from here and around the web.

Putting it simply, just think of this blog like the Windy City – one big melting pot of (pop) cultural diversity.

Can you say Chi City?

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