Derrick Rose Wore a Dope Knicks Hoodie Featuring His Son’s Face

November 5, 2015, Derrick Rose had just put the finishing touches on handing his buddies KD and Russ an L at the United Center. Looking very much like his former MVP self on the court, it was his off court apparel that got social media talking.

A lot can happen in ten months though, Rose was of course traded to the New York Knicks once the off season commenced (Russ and KD, well that’s a whole other story) and was soon joined by his old buddy, Joakim Noah. Since the trade, Rose has been seen out and about in New York and rocking Knicks gear often since officially signing with the team.

However, as some things change, some stay the same. Over the course of the last two days, Rose levelled up his swag and the meme that his son PJ made famous has returned to feature on a hoodie and t-shirt that the star has been spotted wearing.



Knicks and Bulls fans across social media were equally impressed with the garment and interested to know where they could cop one. After a little detective work though, it appears that this particular piece, in the words of the reigning Rap king of New York, Jay Z, ‘be a one of one. That means none before it, none to come’. Despite it being a Derrick Rose exclusive, fret not Knicks fans, the company that produces all the PJ themed gear, Bullies Brand, have this marvellous #Knickstape creation on offer…


Go Knicks!

A photo posted by The ORIGINAL Bullies Brand (@bulliesbrand) on


Glorious isn’t it?

So if you are a Derrick Rose fan, Knicks fan, adore his son’s cute face or just need a new tee for Summer, head on over to Bulliesbrand.com and throw one in your cart.

I’ll be over here waiting to see what bi-coastal outfit Derrick is going to throw together next.

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