Joakim Noah Tribute Video Will Leave You Misty-Eyed

It’s been a week filled with heartfelt tributes, with the news of Dwyane Wade’s departure from the Miami Heat to join his home town Chicago Bulls, to San Antonio Spurs legend, Tim Duncan announcing his retirement after nearly two decades in the league.

The heart strings have received many a pull, whether it was the Heat’s glowing tribute of Wade’s time in Miami or the Spurs wordless tribute to the ‘Big Fundamental’, there has been many a hit in the feels, heck, even coach Pop had some dust in his eyes. Now it’s your turn to reach for the box of Kleenex, Bulls fans.

When Joakim Noah decided he was going to join Derrick Rose in New York and sign with the Knicks, it hammered home the reality it was the end of an era for the Bulls as we know it. The Bull with the biggest heart took a piece of ours with him to the Big Apple and a cloud of sadness has hovered over a large portion of the Bulls fan base ever since. Now the man who brought you this tearjerker, is back at again with this touching ode to Joakim Noah.

There’s something special (and amusing) about watching this awesome compilation of Jo’s highlights set to Whitney Houston’s smash hit single from ‘The Bodyguard’ soundtrack. After all, Noah always had his teammates backs and was the first to take a hit on the court or in the media.

Even though it’s not goodbye, more like see you later, I think the video truly speaks for us all, we’ll always love you, Jo.

*tear drop*


Mark can also be found on twitter coping with the Bulls off season moves at the Bulls Confidential and right here, as co-host of the Dennis Podman podcast.

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