Chicago Bulls App Goes Global


At the start of the year, the Bulls took their first steps into the world of mobile apps. I for one was disappointed when I realized that the new tech wasn’t available to those of us who reside outside of the United States.

Well that disappointment has since subsided with the news that the app can now be downloaded since the NBA has recently allowed for team apps to be made available internationally.

The free app is a must have for Bulls fans wanting to keep up to date with the latest game score,  scheduled games, team stats, news, events and if you’re heading to Chicago and need tickets to a game, there is even an option to purchase those too. Push notifications are also available on the fly to keep you abreast of any game action or items of note as they happen.

You can access all of the Bulls social media accounts via the app which is handy and the video content available is of the usual excellent quality that you’ve come to expect from Bulls.com if you visit the site as regularly as I do. Another nice feature is the photo gallery. In terms of functionality, it runs very smoothly, the interface is clean and easy to use.

The app is available now for both iPhone and Android phones, and there is a tablet version on offer also so nobody misses out. If you haven’t already discovered it, go get it right now, you won’t be disappointed.




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