Justin Timberlake receives Bulls Jersey from Fan, Gives Michael Jordan Props.


Singer, songwriter and recording superstar, Justin Timberlake performed to a sell out crowd at the United Center in Chicago on Monday night. Wowing the audience comes with the territory when talking about a performer the calibre of Timberlake, but this isn’t a concert review, we’re here to talk hoops, and JT being quite the basketball fan falls right in that pocket.

Midway through the show, resident of Chicago and big fan of the pop star, Kenya Harvey threw a #31 Chicago Bulls jersey with the star’s name on the reverse on stage for the Memphis native (the 31 representing the date of his January Birthday). The kind hearted gesture was well received, the gracious star addressing Harvey from stage and passing on his thanks, but then added “I can’t wear that in public though”.

As boos rang out throughout the UC, the star of stage and screen responded to the crowd “It’s all right it’s no big deal, just part owner” in reference to his minority owner share of his home town Memphis Grizzlies. ”No I mean, I’ll get my ass kicked” he continued.

Thinking on his feet, Timberlake had the crowd back in the palm of his hand as soon as he said “We are in the house that 2-3 built”. The crowd erupting in raucous applause as he gazed skyward towards the rafters of the UC. “Can see a lot of banners up there” he added. As the crowd continued with their cheers, Timberlake busted out his best Ray Clay impersonation (2:49 mark of Kenya’s video below).

Ever the performer, Timberlake finished the brief interlude saying finally “We could talk about MJ all night but we’ve got to keep the show going” before breaking into his hit Summer Love.

So let’s recap, made a fan’s day/night and talked some Bulls and performed his butt off, well played JT, you’re welcome back at the United Center any time.



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