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People know I love the Chicago Bulls, I have this website dedicated to the team for crying out loud. So people will often approach me with something they’ve found online they think may be of interest. Some times I may have already have seen what they offer up, occasionally something may pique my interest, rarely am I blown away.

Today happened to be one of those rare occurrences. When I saw this pop up in a facebook chat window (shout out to the homey Matias) my jaw dropped…


Photo credit:

Photo credit: Mr G Dogathon 100


That is life sized Michael Jordan piece of wall art you see before you. Created by Sydney based artist (and dog lover) Mr G Dogathon 100, the interior piece took approximately eight hours to complete and is a combination of both spray paint and airbrush art.

The attention to detail is on point and perfectly captures MJ’s likeness, the color of the Bulls uniform and his Jordan V’s. I think you’ll agree, it is beyond impressive.

It was commissioned by Michael Jordan fan @sneakerheadaus, he definitely got his money’s worth.



For more enquiries you can contact Mr G  at  and follow him on instagram mrghoete


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