Starting5online’s Pre-game interview with Bulls’ rookie Cameron Bairstow


It’s well known that life in the NBA is tough, even tougher for rookies. From carrying the bags of the vets, to the extensive travel, late nights, early mornings and the dreaded limited playing time, something players fear the most. Now imagine being a rookie on a Tom Thibodeau coached team, you know you’ll have to jump through hoops time and time again before you “might” see some court time. IF you are so lucky, heaven forbid you blow a defensive assignment or don’t box out, mess up and you might just find yourself on the receiving end of one of Thibs hell fire verbal sprays.

God forgives, Thibs doesn’t.

Knowing what his coach is capable of, Aussie born Cameron Bairstow may have had some rookie jitters when he heard his name called late in the Chicago Bulls blow out victory against the New York Knicks, but he got his chance to impress his coach tonight in his first ever NBA minutes.

Prior to the game at Madison Square Garden, another fellow Aussie and someone I’m proud to call my friend and colleague, Nick Metallinos from Starting5online.com, had the opportunity to speak with Bairstow about his rookie experience thus far, advice he’s received from a former Bulls Champion, Coach Thibs, among other topics.

Here’s hoping ‘The Bear’ can stay in Thibs’ good books and get some more time on the court again soon. Don’t mess up out there Cam!


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