Swizz Beatz has “Seen The Kanye adidas”


Hip Hop producer Swizz Beatz knows his way around a music studio, he’s also heavily invested in the sneaker game, partnering with Reebok and designing his own line of shoes for the company in recent years. He also has friends in very high places, one such friend who happens to produce G.O.O.D music and has his own upcoming sneaker line with adidas.

The Ruff Ryder hit maker sat down with Sneakerwatch.com only days ago and spoke briefly about what his friend Kanye West and adidas have coming our way. Early into the interview, Swizz is shown a photo of Kanye’s rumoured sneakers and remarks, “I ain’t seen those, I’ve seen something else. I can’t talk about them”.

With a shroud of secrecy over what he’s actually seen, the New York native goes on to explain what Kanye continues to bring to the table as an artist, performer and designer.  ”Whatever creation that Kanye does, I respect it because he put his passion into it, he put his time into it, he’s dedicated to it, he’s 1 of 1.”

In 4:15 seconds Swizz sums his friend up perfectly from many perspectives and makes a very valid point about the often criticised star, ”Kanye West is 1 of 1, we will never ever have him again, let’s love him while he is here”.

Truth right there.

As for the Yeezy III’s, the wait continues…


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