From The Mind of an Accepting Bulls Fan: 27/11/2013

Days Without Derrick: #4

Dear Diary

Rose’s Season Over.

The above three words were the first words I saw when I jumped on the net yesterday morning and disappointingly confirmed my suspicions. I’m honestly not even that mad about it now, yes of course as a fan I’m upset, but I did expect the worst. In fact, I think I’ve managed to experience the five stages of grief in a matter of three days and come out feeling pretty peachy surprisingly. A bit like Derrick below.

Derrick post surgery yesterday

Let’s face it we’ve been down this road before. The only real difference is, Rose’s injury happened at the start of the season and not towards the end. It’s an adjustment period that we should be somewhat familiar with; we are powerless to avoid it so now it’s time to face facts.

The surgery which has led to Rose sitting out this season, according to Bulls GM Gar Forman, was the best procedure for Derrick’s long term health and gives the 25 year old the best chance for long term success. In an interview with Bulls.com’s Sam Smith yesterday, Forman outlined that it was basically a freak injury and wasn’t a result of the ACL or some fatigue of other factor. When asked by Smith if he can trust Rose now after these injuries, Forman said he sees no reason not to.

As for the team, well management has faith in the abilities of the core being able to face up to the adversity ahead and push on. After the team’s recent road skid, I know a LOT of people are hitting the panic button and calling for a trade. I’m against that right now, what’s the point of a fire sale when the team is 6th seed in a weak Eastern Conference and only three wins away from the 3rd seed? Give these guys a chance to redeem themselves, if they continue to stink it up and the losses pile up then start pulling the trigger. Doesn’t mean you don’t entertain proposals (and management will) but the trade deadline is still over two months away

People also need to let go of Nate and Marco. As much as I enjoyed having the diminutive one (My lone jersey purchase since April of last year was a Robinson black road jersey) and he of the spicy meatballs fame on the team, they’ve moved on and they aren’t walking through the door of the Bulls locker room unless it’s to say hi to their former teammates when they are in town trying to beat them.

On the topic of tanking, it’s not going to happen. If you’ve watched the Bulls religiously or followed the NBA closely since Coach Thibodeau came on board with the team, you will no doubt be aware that he is one of the most competitive coaches in professional sports. Tanking isn’t a word in his vocabulary and giving up isn’t in his DNA. The same can be said for the team, they aren’t about to get down on themselves and just roll over in the remote hope the team is lucky enough to land Andrew Wiggins or Chicago’s own Jabari Parker in the Draft. People also need to keep in mind; historically the Bulls haven’t had amazing fortune in the Draft in recent years. Players like Taj and Jimmy Butler were late first round picks and we got extremely lucky when we landed D.Rose.

In terms of the loss to the Jazz yesterday, which by the way was a game we had the opportunity to win. You saw the Bulls fight tooth and nail in a close game. There are going to be a lot of games like this, just like there were a lot of games like this last season. Some we’ll win, some we’ll lose, once again, just like last season. As I saw Thibs comment in an interview the other day, it’s time to circle the wagons.

Anyway I have to wrap this up as I have a 40 minute commute to work in peak hour traffic ahead of me. Not as arduous or frustrating a journey as what the Bulls season may be, but it just is what it is.



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