From The Mind of a Tortured Bulls Fan: 25/11/2013

Days without Derrick: #2

Dear Diary,

I was just asked by my friend Shred (a Chicago native) if I was holding up well after the news? “Disenchanted with basketball right now” was the only response I could muster. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be and I’d safely say I’m not alone. After experiencing what we’ve gone through the last 21 months as fans of the Chicago Bulls, it’s not an easy feat to preach positivity and be all rainbows and lollipops at the present moment. The franchises’ lone superstar Derrick Rose is out indefinitely, scheduled for yet another knee surgery, and yes on the bright side, at least it’s not an ACL tear (Thank you almighty powerful basketball gods). Still, doesn’t make this fair or any easier to swallow.


The sooner his Meniscus is examined and Dr. Brian Cole can work his magic, we will all be that little bit happier… I hope. The problem is, sometimes the extent of the damage isn’t fully revealed by an MRI, so it’s not until the surgery is underway that they can determine the damage he’s sustained and act accordingly. This in turn affects the recovery and rehab time, so now all we can do is hope for a best case scenario for him and a trouble free recovery.


It’s looking at this stage that we probably won’t see Derrick back on the court this season. I know a lot of fans think he’ll be back in two, three or four months, but I’d be shocked if we were to see it happen. Thunder guard Russell Westbrook took seven months to return from his meniscus surgery, granted he did however suffer from a slight setback due to an issue with his stitches. Still in saying that, why would Derrick rush back? It’s not worth it and if previous history is anything to go by, management won’t force his hand, nor should they.

My good friend  @Stehny texted me yesterday in regards to all this and the questions hovering around the topic that we’re asking ourselves and each other, his following sentence regarding the team that will be taking the floor for the remainder of the season resonated with me. “Expectations have been lowered. I’ll enjoy watching the rest of the season but it’s 2012/13 all over again”.

It’s not what myself or any Bulls fan wants to hear right now (especially after a 39 point drubbing courtesy of the Clippers)  but sadly he’s right.



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  1. Interesting insight of a bulls fan :) Pretty sure 98% of the basketball world feels for DRose and the rest are heartless trolls!

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