I Was Running!

Simply put, this is four minutes of Stick Stickity leading the break awesomeness set to the music of Springsteen. A lot of people might look at Joakim Noah doing his thing and see a gangly, erratic, big man leading the charge, but some of you may not be aware that he actually played point guard from an early age.  It’s in his basketball DNA to corral a rebound down one end, streak down the court looking to set his team mates up with a sweet dish or finish with a dunk.

Truly Boss.

Shout out to the Point Forward for blessing us with this compilation.

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  1. Off to watch game 7 v Brooklyn I go.
    I love having a player with such a unique skill set like Joakim. Plays like these blow peoples minds when he makes them for the Bulls.

    • It’s truly a joy having him on the roster and everyone should appreciate what he brings to the table. Bulls fan or not.

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