The Holy Trinity of Hoops Tattoos Complete.

So sometime back a tattoo swirled around the internet of a guy who had a massive back tattoo portrait done of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

Well those of you that don’t know, that guy was yours truly.

A lot of people wondered why I hadn’t added Pip at that point, well the reason was it hadn’t been an easy task to find the perfect picture of the epitome point forward that would fit that area of my back and also the composition of the entire piece. As you’ll see below, that search finally came to an end.

After a marathon 9 hour stint in the tattooists chair, the Bulls big three is now complete.


Special thanks to Sara from Forgotten Saints Tattoo who went above and beyond to bring my vision to life.

Original image

Original image

2014-04-02 08.28.36

Finished product.

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  1. Your tattoos have always been an epic journey for me. I’ve seen them all come to fruition over the years. This however is truly the masterpiece and I love that it took a few years to complete. It’s like a damn trilogy with an ending that exceeds all expectations. WOW!!!

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