They call me Horace, and these are my Zubaz.

My first pair of Zubaz were purchased in the mid 1990′s. As garish as they looked, they were one of the most comfortable garments I had ever owned. If you’ve owned a pair you already know what I’m saying to be true, if you haven’t owned a pair of Zubaz pants, you truly aren’t aware of what comfort really is. At this point if you’re still reading and wondering what they hell a Zubaz is, then please click HERE for a brief history lesson.

With 90′s fashion in vogue in recent years, the once preferred pant of body-builders, wrestlers and The Fridge‘ has made a resurgence, even Bieber got in on the act. We’re yet to see any modern era NBA players jump on board the style trend (Looking at you Russell Westbrook), but at one point during the 90′s many of the Chicago Bulls players hopped on board the Zubaz train.

So why not invest in a pair, after all fashion is all about risk. If you’re afraid to leave the house and be seen in them, don’t worry that fear will soon subside once you put them on. Just take a look below at the image of a goggled, shirtless, Zubaz rockin Horace Grant. Does the 6’10′ 245 lb forward look out of his comfort zone? Hell no, if you ask me, he’s having himself a grand old time.



We’ll let Horace enjoy his party for one and move on to the pic below. There are so many things to love about the image you see before you. It’s a celebration of epic proportions and of course MJ opted to wear a suit for the occasion, but zero f**ks were given by Pip and Horace with their choices to rock matching Zubaz pants and caps to their congratulatory welcome home. Honourable mention goes to Stacey King for his hat and shirt combination, which aren’t Zubaz items, but how can we not show love for his 90′s Hip Hop ‘New Jack’ look, definitely some shades of House Party also at play.

(Note: I’m not even going to try and explain Scottie’s choice of tie.)


Real men wear red... and Zubaz.

Real men wear red… and Zubaz.


Horace and Scottie celebrate in Zubaz style.

Horace and Scottie continue to celebrate in Zubaz style and there’s that tie again.


Even Bill Cartwright the more conservative elder statesman of the team, wasn’t opposed to repping the Zubaz brand. Bonus style points go to Horace for mixing up his look with the classic Malcolm X cap. I’m convinced if you stare at the picture below long enough, a hidden image will appear. Can you see the dolphins yet?



So there you have it, you want a pair now don’t you? Don’t kid yourself just go and drop 40 bucks on a pair, you’ll thank me later. I am the proud owner of two pairs, but if you need further convincing as to the awesome power of these pants, look no further than Buzzfeeds 33 Reasons Zubaz Are The Only Pants You’ll Ever Need.


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  1. It’s pretty funny the looks one gets when leaving the house still wearing them. I even almost got sent home once from my local cafe for rocking my Raiders pair. Haters. :)

    • Until they slip a pair on, they should keep their opinions to themselves.

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