Jennifer Hynds: Chicago Bulls Art

If you’re a die hard Bulls fan, it’s quite possible you spend a fair amount of time on social media, there is also a fairly good chance you’ve seen this awesome painting of Joakim Noah pop up on your news feed or in someone’s profile pic or avatar.

Read on to hear about the artist behind it and the other quality Bulls inspired art that she has to offer.

Jennifer Hynds hails from Mundelein, Illinois but now resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just over an hour drive from Chicago). Earning a volleyball scholarship to the University of Illinois, Jennifer also chose to study art in the two years she spent at the college. Unfortunately injuries cut her sporting career short, after leaving university she focused more on her art and her family.

Now busy being a Mom, Jennifer spends whatever spare time she has drawing inspiration from the Chicago Bulls and other NBA stars for the subjects of her artistic output. As you can see, she perfectly captures Noah’s penchant for firing off the finger guns, the wild west theme born out her husband playing the video game Red Dead Redemption.




Another great piece Jennifer has created is “The Butler Did It… with a basketball, in the locker room”.  If you haven’t guessed, this painting was inspired by the Parker Brothers board game Clue.  ”Lebron James is the victim since the Miami Heat are the new Detroit Pistons for the Bulls.  I hate the Heat more than I hated the Pistons”. Jennifer explained. “In the background are the Jerseys for the teams Jimmy played for.  ”The couch he is sitting on is from the movie (based on the game).  The pose is from a photo shoot Jimmy did for Splash Magazine.  The shoes he was wearing in the shoot had writing on them, but I decided to change it to , “the butler did it.”
“I spent the most time on this  Jimmy Butler digital painting.  I struggled with this one because I got caught up in the details.  I don’t like making things too photo-realistic because I think you should be able to see the human quality of a painting.” Jennifer further explained.  ”I think you can see enough brush strokes if you look closely that you can tell it’s not a photo”.
As much as the budding artist enjoys the advantages of  digital art, Jennifer prefers more traditional methods. “My dilemma with digital (art) is that I feel like it’s cheating.  I can zoom in and erase as much as I want.  It can take the spontaneity out of the art.  That’s why I enjoy doing my basketball dribbling paintings.  Besides clean up, it takes around an hour of using actual paint.”




Created by dipping basketballs in paint and dribbling them on an old closet door, the  dribbling technique is something she has been working on and enjoys doing the most.

MJ Rookie: ”Let me explain the MJ Leg series.  I drew legs for every season Jordan played for the Bulls.  ”Ideally, I want to do the paintings wearing the Air Jordans that MJ wore that season.  Only problem is I only have one pair of original Jordans.”

“The background is another closet door painted on by dribbling a basketball on it. (we were getting new doors for the house so there were plenty lying around.)  I did the same thing as the previous painting.  Took a pic, uploaded it and drew over it.  The background was inspired by the shoe that MJ is wearing in the painting.  I love Air Jordans and I’m doing a whole series of these”.




The Return II :  ”This is inspired by Derrick Rose and his dedication to returning from two knee injuries.  It was actually painted before his second injury.  The background is another door painting.”




I-Pass :  ”Based off of Stacey King’s quote, “He just flew by him like he had an I-Pass.”  The background is from the MJ Rookie background.  I combined the Bulls logo and fleur-de-lis because DJ is from New Orleans.  His family was uprooted after Hurricane Katrina.”




Punchin’ the Clock:  Another piece inspired by Stacey King, “Taj is always punchin’ the clock, hard hat and lunch pail.”  I drew taj as a coal miner. This piece is pen and ink and water colour.




Jennifer also has a community project she’s working on, which is where her idea behind bouncing paint covered basketballs for art stemmed from. Her plans are to locate old run down outdoor courts and give them a much needed make-over.  If the backboards need replacing, she with the help of others, will have the kids in the neighbourhood paint on new backboards.  Murals painted on the courts is another idea she has in mind.  ”If they want they could just dribble painted basketballs or draw something intricate.  I want to connect kids to the neighbourhood and liven up a neighbourhood with art”, the artist told me via email.  ”I’m combining my three passions; kids, basketball and art”.

“Right now I’m working with the Journey House in Milwaukee in terms of the community project. We’ve discussed the project and me teaching the kids about art and how I’ve combined art with basketball. Hopefully I can get some grant money”.

Sounds like a great idea to me.


If you’d like to check out more of Jennifer’s art or purchase any of her work, head on over to society6.com

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