Chicago, “My home away from home”.

Not the first time I’ve put a stop motion video of Chicago on this blog, won’t be the last. This first time effort from Ludovico Bertè took him six months to film around the multitude of locations around the city.

In the description of his video on Vimeo, he describes his intent in making the short film “I tried to capture, in about 4 minutes, the magnificent architecture of this city, its amazing urban spaces, the power of its public transport network, and the vibrancy of all its people. I think he achieved just that.

He calls the film “a tribute to the time I spent as an exchange student (from Milan) in Chicago, “My home away from home”, which were probably the best months of my life.”

I know exactly how he feels.

Chicago, “My home away from home” from Ludovico Bertè on Vimeo.