Noah’s Peace Movement.

It’s not the first time Joakim has devoted his time and energy to help bring an end to the violence in Chicago and it won’t be the last. The Bulls star is passionate on the court, but his compassion as a humanitarian off the court is to be admired. Although he would never want to be commended for his actions, nor seek any personal attention from it, he just truly cares and wants what’s best for the people who are caught up in the violence.

It’s somewhat expected that stars from their home towns give back to their communities, Joakim is a New Yorker (by way of France) and yet he puts his all into helping raise awareness to this issue in his adopted city. I’m certain there are plenty of Chicago born and raised athletes (with the exception of Derrick Rose) and celebrities who aren’t as giving with their time, money and resources.

Through such events as the recent One City Basketball Tournament and the continued work of his Noah’s Arc Foundation, I hope he and the others he works alongside can bring about change in the streets of Chicago. It’s long overdue.

If so, they deserve the keys to the city.


Video via WGNtv.com

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