Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

D Rose 5 Boost ‘The Lake’ Unboxed

The Rose 5 has been on shelves for a little while now, and although enticing, I decided to patiently wait for this release to hit stores before I made my purchase. A couple of weeks ago it did just that and I got myself to Footlocker on release day as quickly as I could to make sure I locked down one of the only 180 pairs that made their way into Australian stores. The limited ‘The Lake’ edition was a Europe/Asia exclusive, so when I found out to my surprise that they were hitting Australian shores, there was no way I was missing out. The Lake Michigan inspired kicks were also rumored to be dropping in Chicago, which makes total sense considering they are inspired by prominent Chicago landmark. From all reports they haven’t, which is quite puzzling and I know this has disappointed fans of the shoe that reside in the States. So with that said, the least I could do is film myself taking the kicks out of their cardboard home for the very first time and share it with my fellow sneaker enthusiasts and friends in Chi-town. I hope you enjoy the video and if you need a pair, I still might be able to help you out, as I know there are limited numbers still sitting on shelves here in Australia. If I were you though, I’d act quick. You know where to find me.

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The True Story Behind the Banned Air Jordan

Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

What if I told you that Michael Jordan’s infamous Black/Red Air Jordan 1 WASN’T the actual sneaker that the NBA banned thirty years ago to this day?

Some of you may scoff at the notion, others may raise an eyebrow and the dedicated historians among you might just know what I’m on about.

So now that I have your attention, read on.

Sole Collector contributor/forum admin and a man I count as my friend and my Cali connect MJO23DAN, has lifted the lid on the box of myths surrounding the legendary Nike tale in a detailed breakdown and analysis for Sole Collector. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a must-read for sneakerheads, fans of the Air Jordan line (and let’s be honest, who isn’t one these days?) and will leave you pondering why Nike did what they did and have some of you anxiously awaiting another retro release.

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Swizz Beatz has “Seen The Kanye adidas”

Hip Hop producer Swizz Beatz knows his way around a music studio, he’s also heavily invested in the sneaker game, partnering with Reebok and designing his own line of shoes for the company in recent years. He also has friends in very high places, one such friend who happens to produce G.O.O.D music and has his own upcoming sneaker line with Adidas.

The Ruff Ryder hitmaker sat down with Sneakerwatch.com only days ago and spoke briefly about what his friend Kanye West and Adidas have to come our way. Early into the interview, Swizz is shown a photo of Kanye’s rumored sneakers and remarks, “I ain’t seen those, I’ve seen something else. I can’t talk about them”.

With a shroud of secrecy over what he’s actually seen, the New York native goes on to explain what Kanye continues to bring to the table as an artist, performer, and designer. “Whatever creation that Kanye does, I respect it because he put his passion into it, he put his time into it, he’s dedicated to it, he’s 1 of 1.”

In 4:15 seconds Swizz sums his friend up perfectly from many perspectives and makes a very valid point about the often criticized star, “Kanye West is 1 of 1, we will never ever have him again, let’s love him while he is here”.

Truth right there.

As for the Yeezy III’s, the wait continues…

A D.Rose and Kanye Sneaker Collaboration? Yes, please.

Doug McDermott The ‘Dougie McBuckets’ Q&A
Doug McDermott The ‘Dougie McBuckets’ Q&A

Since I first heard the news some time ago that Kanye West was taking his creative talents to adidas I have had one wish and one wish only – that the Sneaker gods make a collaboration with his fellow Chicagoan Derrick Rose happened.

While with Nike, Kanye’s highly coveted Yeezy line was extremely popular (I don’t think they jumped over the Jumpman, but that’s open to debate), but after one too many concert rants Ye’ never got to work in conjunction with any of the brand’s other spokesman.

Now with Adidas, it makes perfect sense that he collaborate on designing a sneaker with its marquee basketball spokesman D.Rose. What will happen when you mix the humble kid from the Southside’s ideas with the creative force that is Mr. West? Only time will tell, but it looks like my wishes may soon be granted.

Joakim Signed With Adidas Weeks Ago

The footwear counter intelligence site @CounterKicks has reported that Bulls big man Joakim Noah actually signed on with a sporting giant Adidas weeks ago. News of his departure from French sporting brand Le Coq Sportif came to fruition earlier this week, surprising fans and sneakerheads. Noah had been a loyal representative of the brand that his father also wore during his tennis career. As for the contract, it seems the announcement of his signing was held off until legal paperwork had been filed and also allowing for his existing Le Coq contract to expire. Joakim will wear the Adidas Crazyquick this season and joins fellow Bulls teammates Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague, and of course marquee spokesman Derrick Rose, as Bulls players who wear Adidas on the NBA hardwood.

Let’s hope his change to Adidas also helps alleviates some of the plantar fasciitis issues he’s dealt with over recent years.

Adidas Originals Superstar 80s – D.Rose 25th Birthday edition

In stores today to celebrate Derrick’s Birthday, these custom version of the iconic Adidas classics are inspired by Rose’s off court personality. A premium black leather upper is contrasted by textured leather around the striping. The white toe box and outsole really make the sneaker pop. The blue interior and the gold foil label are also nice touches. Retailing in the States for $100.00 USD.

Sneaker Con hits Chicago

The biggest sneaker event in all of the United States will be held on October 19th at the Broadway Park Armory. If you’re a sneakerhead you don’t want to miss this. You can find all the relevant info here… https://sneakerconchicago2013.eventbrite.com/

Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch

Team USA
Team the USA

Jimmy Butler’s a big music buff. Those of you familiar with the Chicago Bulls star off the court, will remember he’s confessed to his fondness for Taylor Swift’s music, once serenaded teammate Joakim Noah to the tune of a Chris Brown track and recently he was in the news for his 6000-pound boombox-shaped aquarium, that not only boasts fifty exotic fish, it also features a functioning speaker system so that both he and his new pets can rock out at home.

As diverse as Jimmy Butler’s musical tastes may be, his one true love is Country & Western. The Texas native’s love for country music was yet again on display yesterday, when the Instagram video you see above, surfaced via the account of sneaker aficionado, ernny_the_man.

In the video, Butler, sporting a TOPSZN shirt and a pair of Jordan Super. Fly 4’s no less (shout out to October’s Very Own and the guy who made the Jumpman famous) is getting right on down to the country-pop song “Cruise” and turning the Advocate Center into his own personal hoedown. Never heard of the song? Me neither, Seems it’s a Top 40 hit by the country duo, Florida Georgia Line. Who knew? Butler did of course and it’s clear by his performance, that when it comes to the Floridian duo’s hit, he’s lyrically word perfect.

Which shouldn’t be a surprise really, given Butler’s roots, prior musical admissions and taking into consideration this updated list of his favorite country singers that aired on the jumbotron during the Bulls game on December 3rd, which also happened to be ‘Country Night’.

One thing’s for certain, whether it’s in the locker room, his home or the privacy of the Bulls practice facility, Jimmy Butler’s go to tunes are originating from down south or the heartland of America. And audience or not, Butler’s going to sing and dance his ever-loving, Texan heart out. Proof, that you can take the boy out the country, not the country out of the boy.

Yeezus Cometh

My home town of Melbourne is currently in the midst of Yeezus fever. Kanye West accompanied by wife Kim Kardashian West and daughter North, flew into Melbourne on Monday for the third leg of the Yeezus tour. After being met at the airport by eager fans, the celebrity couple were whisked off to Melbourne’s CBD and were spotted around the city doing a spot of high-end shopping.

Word circulated late Monday afternoon that a Yeezus pop up shop would be opening today in the shopping, dining and entertainment precinct of Chapel Street, South Yarra. ‘Team Kanye’ had previously opened the merchandise stores in Los Angeles, New York City and his home town of Chicago, this was a first for Australia. Mr. West obviously has his finger on the pulse, having chosen Melbourne in July of last year to promote the release of his Yeezus album with the use of his New Slaves projections. Wise decisions on his behalf, capitalizing on the thriving music, art and fashion scenes of Melbourne.

The all white store frontage located at 336 Chapel Street appeared overnight and was flanked by security. Fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, streetwear designer Virgil Abloh, and the man who has cut Kanye’s hair for the last twenty years, Ibn Jasper (the two aforementioned gentlemen both very close friends of West), helped build the hype by sharing images of designs and the store on Instagram. With the buzz swirling around the store all morning, people could be seen lining up on the street throughout the day waiting to get inside and see what was on offer.

While the shoppers braved the rain for a glimpse into the world of Yeezy, the Rap icon took time out from his schedule today to hoop it up at the State Basketball Centre earlier in the day with his entourage, which included support act Pusha T. Wife Kim and child weren’t in attendance. The celebrity power couple reunited in the afternoon and surprised shoppers by appearing at the pop-up shop unannounced.

The stars mingled amongst the fans in store checked out what was on offer and happily obliged photo requests before departing ahead of tonight’s concert.

I was able to get down to the store myself just prior to the close of business this evening and snap some pics. Besides the two clothes racks filled with the six or seven different tour t-shirt designs on offer and a cashiers counter, all that remained in the all-white room is what you see below.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit the store today, it is open again tomorrow from 9 AM until 7 PM and again Thursday for a limited time only before the tour makes it’s the way to Sydney.

Dennis Rodman’s Return to MTV’s House of Style.


Dennis Rodman first appeared on MTV’s House of Style in June of 1996. Back then the show’s host was none other than Chicago born beauty, supermodel Cindy Crawford. With his flair for the dramatic, it didn’t take much convincing from Crawford to get Dennis into something a little more revealing in that episode. For those of you that aren’t aware of the cable based series, the show focuses on the fashion world and it’s goings on. The original series run ended in 2000 but has since been revived as a web-based series, now hosted by Australian chart-topping rapper/model, Iggy Azalea.

The Worm is known for his extravagant dress sense and daring to be different, made for an entertaining watch and it’s no wonder the show’s producers opted to bring him back. In the interview that appeared online two days ago, the two discuss the impact that Dennis and his style had in the NBA, along with his favorite fashion era in basketball.

Former Bull Nate Robinson briefly appears, along with Chandler Parsons, Larry Sanders and “that guy from the Lakers” aka Nick Young aka Swaggy P aka “No ring Nick” to discuss fashion and style. To wrap things up, House of Style’s special correspondent, singer Rita Ora talks Adidas’ Originals with company spokeswoman and TV host, Emily Rose.

A gorgeous Rapper, a Hall of Fame NBA superstar, ballers, starlets and fashion all in under seven minutes. You can’t ask for much more.

Common’s Interview with HardKnock.TV

Chi Town’s own Common sat down recently with HardKnock TV to talk his latest album, gives his thoughts on the controversial nickname that has been given to his home town, 2Pac, his time spent with Maya Angelou and more.

Check out the two-part interview below…

Musical Spotlight: Common – The Truth With Elliott Wilson

One of my top 5 GOAT journalists is Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson ( also going by the moniker of YN, a nickname born out of his days as editor of the highly successful XXL Magazine). From pushing the envelope with his edgy and witty editorials early on his career, to documenting all the goings on in the world of Hip Hop via Rap Radar and his prolific use of social media (if you’re not following him on Twitter or Instagram, then I suggest you get with the programme lickety-split), Mr. Wilson has also become even more well known for his eye-opening interview series “The Truth”, which features prominently on Jay-Z’s lifeandtimes.com.

In a recent episode of the series earlier this month, Wilson interviewed rapper/actor Common. They cover various stages of Common’s career and musical journey throughout the interview, touching on the upcoming release of Chi-Town star’s tenth studio album Nobody’s Smiling. The inspiration behind the album’s title and the concept is drawn from the ongoing violence and murder rate that continues to spiral out of control in the rapper’s home town of Chicago.

Nobody’s Smiling is in stores July 22nd and you can catch the interview and the album’s first single Kingdom after the jump.

When Carlos picked up a mic.

With the news that the Los Angeles Lakers have signed the recently amnestied Carlos Boozer, a large portion of the Bulls fan base is relieved that he is now someone else’s problem. What’s that old saying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well it might be wise to keep a lid on those expectations Laker fans.

Speaking of trash, I present to you…

Yep, that was Carlos Boozer’s foray into the world of Hip Hop. After viewing it, you should probably be thankful the pain doesn’t last more than two minutes. Not even a spitfire verse from Chicago’s own Twista and Mario Winans lacing the track could save it. Definitely not the finest moment in Chicago’s rich musical history.

“The crowd is feeling me, guess who are they choosing?” Winans harmonizes during the song. Definitely wasn’t the 6 ft 9 forward from Duke whose name was often rhymed with a loser, that’s for sure.

Believe it or not, the Bulls organization debuted the song at the United Center during game two of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals. It didn’t take off, much like Boozer’s Rap career.

Who knows, perhaps his move to Hollywood may rejuvenate his basketball career and prompt him to pick up the mic once again, I’m sure Kobe knows a few people.

Good luck Laker fans.

SNL’s Bob Swerski’s Super Fans: Michael Jordan

At the risk of this turning into a fully fledged blog dedicated to Michel Jordan (not necessarily a bad thing), here is yet another post dedicated to the G.O.A.T.

By the way, MJ’s standing in NBA history is not up for debate. We leave that nonsense to the uneducated.

Moving along, so with Michael’s fame, charm and natural charisma came plenty of television appearance opportunities. Today we’re taking a look at his time spent on the Saturday Night Live set. This episode originally went to air on the 28/09/1991 and followed on from the Bulls first championship earlier that year.

Bob Swerski’s Super Fans had become a popular segment on the show, with a revolving cast of comedy legends parodying the sports infatuated fans that inhabit the Windy City. This segment starring George Wendt as Bob Swerski, Mike Myers as Pat Arnold, Chris Farley as Todd O’Connor and Robert Smigel as Carl Wollarski, has some golden moments when the Bulls superstar makes his appearance.

Enough out of me, just click the video and enjoy the show.

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