Jimmy Butler’s Country-Pop Solo is A Must Watch


Jimmy Butler’s a big music buff. Those of you  familiar with the Chicago Bulls star off the court, will remember he’s confessed to his fondness for Taylor Swift’s music, once serenaded teammate Joakim Noah to the tune of a Chris Brown track and recently he was in the news for his 6000-pound boombox shaped aquarium, that not only boasts fifty exotic fish, it also features a functioning speaker system so that both he and his new pets can rock out at home.

As diverse as Jimmy Butler’s musical tastes may be, his one true love is Country & Western. The Texas native’s love for country music was yet again on display yesterday, when the instagram video you see above, surfaced via the account of sneaker aficionado, ernny_the_man.

In the video, Butler, sporting a TOPSZN shirt and a pair of Jordan Super.Fly 4’s no less (shout out to October’s Very Own and the guy who made the Jumpman famous) is getting right on down to the country-pop song “Cruise” and turning the Advocate Center into his own personal hoedown. Never heard of the song? Me neither, Seems it’s a Top 40 hit by country duo, Florida Georgia Line. Who knew? Butler did of course and it’s clear by his performance, that when it comes to the Floridian duo’s hit, he’s lyrically word perfect.

Which shouldn’t be a surprise really, given Butler’s roots, prior musical admissions and taking into consideration this updated list of his favourite country singers that aired on the jumbotron during the Bulls game on December 3rd, which also happened to be ‘Country Night’.



One thing’s for certain, whether it’s in the locker room, his home or the privacy of the Bulls practice facility, Jimmy Butler’s go to tunes are originating from down south or the heartland of America. And audience or not, Butler’s going to sing and dance his ever loving, Texan heart out. Proof, that you can take the boy out the country, not the country out of the boy.


[H/T Complex]

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