Pau Gasol’s Primal Scream

Pau Gasol’s Primal Scream

Away from the court, Bulls center Pau Gasol is known to be quite the renaissance man. The devoted philanthropist appreciates art, is passionate about the field of medicine and has a penchant for the opera. The Spanish born star is also multilingual (he taught himself to speak Italian and French), is an avid reader and has a keen interest in music (whether it be Pop Rock ballads or Sing Star Karaoke he’s got it covered).

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When he’s on the court all that goes out the window, the mild-mannered Pau disappears and the double-double corralling (he just collected his twelfth straight dub-dub and league-leading 33rd of the season) beast emerges. Activity such as that isn’t done quietly and this minute long video you’ll soon watch hammers that point home.


Compiled over an eight-game span by the Twitter user and die-hard Bulls fan Dylan Connolly, his video below shows just how frequently Pau let’s loose a guttural sound, loud grunt or primal scream. You may not have noticed it much, but whether he’s going for a putback, sweeping hook and even lay up (yes, even on layups), the 7 foot Spaniard’s vocal efforts would put most tennis players to shame.

When you watch this it really sticks out like a sore thumb, but if it helps the Bulls to string more wins together I’m all for it.

Scream to your heart’s content big guy!

Jimmy Butler’s star has never shone brighter than it has since the start of the 2014-15 NBA season. From late-game heroics to a much improved offensive game, the recently named All-Star has kept Bulls fans enthralled and has taken his game to heights that not many would have expected prior to the season commencing. I’d say the sky is the limit for the one known by his teammates as ‘Cowboy’, but this epic new mix of Jimmy Butler highlights from this season will have you thinking otherwise…

There is only one way, to sum up, what you just saw, ‘dopeness personified’. The video (put together by Chris Andrews, founder of the Bulls Nation facebook page) is only made better by the addition of Schoolboy Q rapping his hit single Man of the Year. A fitting song choice for the Bulls star who is a lock for the Most Improved Player Award after already achieving so much in the last five months and no doubt will deliver more in the months ahead when the season resumes later this week.

Is it Friday yet?

When I first laid eyes on this photo of Bulls rookie Nikola Mirotic last August, the central character from what I consider to be one of the funniest films of all time immediately sprung to mind – Borat.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakh television personality alter ego Borat Sagdiyev had me in stitches from the moment he appeared on the big screen in his self titled 2006 comedy mockumentary. So when I saw the photo of a suited up Nikola in the same thumbs up pose I had an idea.


Why not put together a video compilation of Nikolaaaaaa highlights, splice in some Borat clips and music from the film. It doesn’t matter that Nikola doesn’t hail from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan or has a penchant for wearing a mankini, all that matters is that you press play and bask in the joy of the bearded rookie’s highlights set to musical genius Korki Buchek’s hit song Bing Bang.

Wawaweewaa it’s a very nice.

This gypsy magic couldn’t have happened without the help of Bulls on Parade video contributor Adam ‘MVP’ Turner who I enlisted to aid me in the production. You might be familiar with Adam if you ever saw this epic video or one of the countless sneaker reviews he’s conducted on his YouTube channel.

Since he stepped foot on an NBA court at the beginning of the 2014-15 season, Bulls rookie Nikola Mirotic has put forth a polished and impressive display of offensive moves in the key and on the perimeter that have left crowds cheering and audiences dazzled on a nightly basis. Throughout his successful rookie campaign, there is one thing that has been a constant – his penchant for the pump fake.

Time and time again, Niko has used it to his advantage to pump fake a defender right out of their shoes. I’m not sure whether it’s a case of guys not reading the scouting reports thoroughly enough or Niko is just that nifty wit’ it, but plenty have fallen victim and continue to fall victim to his use of the crafty move.

Nobody is safe…

Yes, it’s that lethal. His (over)use of the shot fake has also delighted observers of his game…

And at times, frustrated others…

Some have pondered its origins…

His teammates and the media have also taken notice…

He certainly does. Which in part is what inspired me to put together a highlight video for you of some of his more impressive feigned shot attempts and subsequent finishes from his début season.

That’s just a small taste from Niko’s pump fake platter, wait until I put together the three hours supercut (I’m joking, but don’t tempt me). If the above video wasn’t enough for you and you want to keep things interesting until the Bulls start winning again or Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose return, take a cue from this guy…

You’re on your own people.

Note: My friend Chris Andrews from Hoop Prods assisted me in bringing my video idea to life. Thanks once again for your help, Chris.


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