Pau Gasol’s Primal Scream


Away from the court, Bulls center Pau Gasol is known to be quite the renaissance man. The devoted philanthropist appreciates art, is passionate about the field of medicine and has a penchant for the opera. The Spanish born star is also multi lingual (he taught himself to speak Italian and French), is an avid reader and has a keen interest in music (whether it be Pop Rock ballads or Sing Star Karaoke he’s got it covered).

When he’s on the court all that goes out the window, the mild mannered Pau disappears and the double-double corralling (he just collected his twelfth straight dub-dub and league-leading 33rd of the season) beast emerges. Activity such as that isn’t done quietly and this minute long video you’ll soon watch hammers that point home.

Compiled over an eight game span by Twitter user and die hard Bulls fan Dylan Connolly, his video below shows just how frequently Pau let’s loose a guttural sound, loud grunt or primal scream. You may not have noticed it much, but whether he’s going for a put back, sweeping hook and even a lay up (yes, even on lay ups), the 7 foot Spaniard’s vocal efforts would put most tennis players to shame.

When you watch this it really sticks out like a sore thumb, but if it helps the Bulls to string more wins together I’m all for it.

Scream to your heart’s content big guy!


And you thought Carlos Boozer was bad?

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