Ron Harper: Golden State Warriors Would Be Swept By 90’s Bulls

Could the 72-10 Bulls have beaten this years Golden State Warriors squad in a Finals series?


Ron Harper knows a thing or two about NBA championships. Having played in and won five NBA titles with two teams.  One of those teams, was the 1995-96 record setting ‘72-10′ Chicago Bulls, the same team, the 2014-15 NBA champion Golden State Warriors are already being measured up against. Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson believes he and his teammates have a chance to hit the 70 mark this season. Seventy won’t cut it though if they want to really cement their place in the record books.

The 9-0 Warriors are certainly well on their way. Later today they play the young Timberwolves, so we can safely assume they will be off to a 10-0 start by day’s end.



Over the duration of the Chicago Bulls first 10 games of the 1995-96 season, the team went 9-1. Of the 10 teams they faced, only four would finish the season .500 or above and one win came at the expense of the expansion, Toronto Raptors. So far this season, the Golden State Warriors have been faced with five road games (that Bulls team had 4) and five of their wins have come against teams .500 or above.

When talk of the defending champs possibly toppling the Bulls almost twenty year old record arose on twitter earlier this week, Harper, the owner of five pieces of championship hardware, had this to say…



Lawd hammercy a SWEEP! MJ’s former running partner ain’t playing. Then to further hammer home his point…



Please note: For extra emphasis, Ron used 5 exclamation points in that last tweet, one for every ring perhaps?

Whether the Golden State Warriors can break the record and prove they are a team for the ages, only time will tell. All the pieces are in place for an amazing run, their fearless leader Steph Curry is doing things on the NBA hardwood that we’ve never seen prior and like those famed Bulls they are being compared with, they also utilize and run the famed Triangle Offense to perfection.

Proving the Bulls of the 90’s could sweep the Dubs in a Finals series, well, that’s a little more difficult to ascertain without the ability of time travel. The topic certainly makes for some fun discussion and perfect NBA2K fodder, in this instance it only solidifies the fact that social media is so much more fun when NBA stars from the past interact with it and weigh in with their opinions on the game today.

Never change Harp.



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