Michael Jordan: 30 Points in 24 Minutes (Video)


The 2015-16 Chicago Bulls got you down in the dumps? Perhaps you’re suffering from Golden State Warriors fatigue? Don’t worry, there are many of you who are feeling the same, this is why we have Michael Jordan highlights to help remedy such afflictions.

Sure, the Warriors Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can put numbers on the board with the quickness; however, MJ was no slouch in that department. The above video is clear cut proof of that.

The full Michael Jordan repertoire is on display. From a variety of baseline and midrange faders, to pump fake three balls and turnaround jumpers, Jordan gives the Pistons everything he’s got. The highlight of the night appears at the 2:37 mark, when Pippen executes a sneaky lob pass to Jordan for the one handed jam. At that point of his career, Michael Jordan dunks were like a vintage wine, you appreciated them more because of his age and come back from his stint playing baseball. Just like a fine wine, his highlight reel only gets better with age.

Jordan’s thrilling display is made even more impressive when you consider he only played twenty four minutes on the night. The Bulls pummelling the Pistons no doubt a big part of that, but still.

Now that you’ve watched the video you feel better don’t you?

You see, the GOAT cures all.

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