YouTube Gold: The Worm holds the Answer.

Being Dennis’s 53rd Birthday today I figured it’s only right that we dedicate the latest Youtube Gold instalment to the Worm. It’s well documented that over the course of his career, that Dennis enjoyed getting into the heads of the players he was guarding, to gain an upper hand on the court.

On December 21st, 1996, Allen Iverson would be one such victim and play right into his hands.

Events begin with a foul call made on Iverson leading to a few words being exchanged when Rodman gives him a little flick on the back side to which Iverson is seen taking offence. As play continues, Dennis catches up to the Sixers rookie who has his back turned and gives the first year guard another little ‘love tap’ on the backside, which only aggravates him further.

Dennis feeling happy with himself, claps in annoying approval. (Remind you of anyone?)

The game plays on, and at one junction when Iverson goes up for an offensive rebound against the Worm, as both players come down Dennis swings a sneaky little forearm that connects and riles Iverson up further. A scuffle ensues, as team mates swarm in to restrain both players from any further hostility.

Play by play announcer Tom Dore  says “Scottie is laughing at Dennis”, this has to be one of my favourite moments in the video and it also serves to demonstrate that Pip was well aware that his team mate was purely baiting Iverson into a reaction.

Dennis barely bats an eyelid at the small guard. Mark up another notch on the enigmatic forward’s mental battle scoreboard.


The Bulls box score from the game below :-

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